To check on the status of your Minuteman Backshop project please check the chart below. If you do not see your project listed and the page update status is after you have received confirmation of your project being accepted, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me.

Status Codes  Planning  See Notes In Progress  Completed - Ready to Ship 

Updated: 01/12/2015

Name  Project  Status  Estimated Date of Completion  Notes
 Sample McSample  MEC GP38  In Progress  01/20/2015  Final coat of paint being applied
 Drayton Blackgrove  Athearn GP50 DCC Install with sound  In Progress  12/15/2017  Decoder Installed. Programing and custom lens work underway
 Kevin Yutz Kato SD40-2(x2) DCC Install with sound  Completed  08/12/2017  Thank you
Gordon Lang Custom Evans Boxcars (x30)  In Progress - Decalling
Gordon Lang NHN Caboose  In Progress  12/10/2017 Decaling
Gordon Lang Custom PS1 Boxcars (x20)  In Progress - Decaling
Gordon Lang Custom ACF Hoppers (x10)  In Progress - Decaling
Gordon Lang PanAm Railways Boxcar (x2)  Planning -  
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